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Dec 15, 2006

Lesson learned

As I turned the corner to the front of the garage I noticed the back tire was flat being on my way to Trona the arm pit of California was a popular place at one time but now more or less a ghost town . Any way I changed the tire but the spare I had was a size smaller than the other three, Needless to say I headed towards the hot, muggy, smelly, town finally a half hour later we pull into Dawns Mother and Fathers house went inside and had a barbecued hamburger and played some dominoes for awhile it was getting late and we needed to get the kids home and ready for bed as it was a school night I suggested that we hit the road so we can get home before it got any later.

Dawn wanted to drive because the evening was nice and hot and she liked driving with the windows down cruising undisturbed by any other traffic. As we rounded the mountain road a jack rabbit ran into the road and stopped. That was where the real ride began, dawn went to swerve around the rabbit instead of hitting him like she should of. The smaller size tire I had on the left rear was just enough to send the car completely out of control, it went on a ride of it's own as I held on looking towards the back window fully aware of the telephone pole coming up from behind as we were sliding backwards on to government property.

My hand and arm was ripped open from barbed wire as we slid through the fence and finally came to rest lodged into an embankment headed the wrong way on the highway. Dust was every where the evening sky grew darker. I made sure that everybody was okay We then started walking towards, home about two miles, away carrying two children. A tow truck pulled up beside me the man in the truck asked, if the was car sitting on government property was our car I answered yes it is. He told me you need to get the car off the the private property because the fines they'll slap on you is unbelievable. He jumped out of the tow truck and hooked the car up to a wench pulling it back onto the road securing it to tow into town, dropping it off in front of my house, which turned out perfect no fines, no tow fee, and neither of the two children were hurt,just the car and my arm. That was the twenty third of December 1994. I learned two main lessons that day.

  • hit the rabbit, it's better to kill the rabbit than you or your children.

  • Never place a smaller tire on your car for a spare there could be consequences.

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    shmamber said...

    I would not hit the rabbit either... lol.

    Anonymous said...

    If there is a God then not killing the rabbit compounded by injury to your own arm, that's fair going for the average, are you familiar with the concept of the joker card from jeux sans frontiers, let's say there is a God but it's not the Xtian type some kind of pagan goddess thing time to bring out the joker card coz saving rabbit is bound to get you double. Worst case there is no God not even a pagan kind, the rabbit was not an angelic avatar of some enlightened benevolent ok so there is no karmic reward you are divorced, old faithful no longer rises to the occasion, tell me about it and by the time you do manage to get the old codger up and about it takes so long to get the old pumps flowing i mean it's hardly worth the hassle, or don't tell me about it rather personal i say old chap, and your brother is dying of a chronic painful illness;

    at least you were next to someone who helped save a rabbit once.

    Unless the rabbit was carrying that mixamitosis that rabbit plague thingee and you are responsible for a rabbit genocide. Anyway in all that confusion how sure are you that you didn't clip the rabbit sending its corpse flying into the wasteland. For the record I should like to state that placing all our hope of redemption on one single act of selfless generosity of which we cannot have any historical certainty seems a little foolish. But what else have we. what else indeed.

    shalom just passing in the night thought i'd sound the old fog horn could be the fog horn could be the crash dive alert i get those confused soon be more clear what godspeed and god save the queen.

    This Blog Of Mine said...

    laughs at Dracul ummmmmmmm okay i agree with you drac