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Jun 23, 2007

strictly my opinion

She wrote her phone number on a slip of paper As she walked by my table she set it down. She smiled saying call me sometime. I admire her ways she walks tall and confident of herself. I have seen her several times around town at restaurants or the grocery store and at times the post office. Usually when she'd see me She'd stop and stare at me as if she wanted to start a conversation or maybe as if she's known me before at some other point in time .

I decided that I would call her when I got home just to see what she had to say. Being alone for so many years I thought maybe we could become dinner partners by going to dinner and maybe a movie a couple of times a month or maybe even Sunday drives in the country would be nice.

I knew she was several years younger than I, so I wasn't really looking to get involved with her romantically. As time moved on after a few months I was beginning to like her an awful lot. We've went to several movies over the years we've been to casinos and to the park and also the beach. We've done a lot together life was fun again. Sure I got a lot of looks from other men and women who were at the same age as I but I didn't care. I thought maybe just maybe this time things would work out. We have great conversations and great times together we can talk for hours on the telephone and it seems a few minutes as time went on she began wanting to be with me more often .

She told me at one time take me to bed Larry or lose me for ever. I then said lose you forever? does that mean you have somebody else ? I had to let her go. Lose me for ever kept ringing in my head. I couldn't go through the pain of losing another woman to another man especially one that I love so much and still love so very much. She cries when she See's me she still blows the horn when she drives by. I know that I love her and that she truly loves me. But I know in time I will lose her because of the age difference.Sweet Sarah( the attention I got from her and missed from my prior marriage of so many years ago is really hard to give up once I had it again ) But I know I have to let her go by giving me an ultimatum to make love to her or lose her. I've made so many mistakes by making love to women before I knew them I wasn't willing to do that again

I understand where you're at I hope the best for you in your situation. I would never comment on any of your posts if I thought my comments would hurt you. I hope you think things through clearly Nobody can make the decision for you. You or Him will eventually make that decision. But there is something that I'm stuck on and that is (please for give me) what on earth makes you think he won't cheat on you? He cheated on his current wife didn't He ? When a person who is married to another woman or another man and sleeps with another before they get a divorce is called an adulter! Would you really want a man who's already shown his true colors ?

Being unhappily married isn't an excuse to cheat it's a reason to get a divorce. I believe that everybody has a right to be respected and treated with respect. He's had three relationships or that is what I've come up with by reading your blog. He has a daughter by another woman who isn't his current wife. I don't know if he has any children by his current wife but what I'm trying to say is that he has had the same feelings for them as he does for you.

I've found through the years of my relationships that you think more clearly when one keeps his pants up where they belong. Then one can make the right decision....because love making creates certain feelings for the both of you sharing, touching, kissing, cuddling actually gets in the way of logical thinking .

That's my comment I hope that I continue to hear from you because I enjoy your blog tremendously....and I love your sense of humor I wish you luck and all the happiness in either way this turns out .

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1 comment:

shmamber said...

Oh it sounds like you have thought this out...

I hope you didn't get too hurt by this... Your a sweet man.