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Jan 13, 2008

Whats Happened To Family Life

Everybody needs love,especially your children or your wife something I've noticed resently the words I Love You seem to never be spoken now days. There seems to be a lot of screaming, demeaning, name calling but never are the words I love you spoken. I remember when we were young children and it was time for dinner we all sat at the table together. But it don't seem to happen anymore with the family. It's really sad because at the dinner table, is where you learn so much about your relatives your Brothers, Sisters, Mother, Father. Sometimes our Grandparents were there with us having dinner, It's what made the family strong, it's what bonded the family together.

Yes to me it seems the family life is falling apart it's one of the signs of the end of times I Love You should always be said. When I was a child our family said I love you, all the time, we hugged often, A good example of a happy family was The Television show called Father Knows Best another great example was The Walton's. Another was Leave It To Beaver. These shows are all re-runs, on television now, but they were good wholesome, family shows that I'll never forget. I do believe the drug problem in America The Television programs they have on television along with violent video games have a whole lot to do with the violence in the Family life today. What ever happened to going to church? A lot of people think or even say that God is dead, or He never existed, but I have news, for them, He is very much ALIVE, and He does EXIST.

Home Sweet Home

If only we had a place, a place, we'd call home, where we could play as a family we'd do things on our own. My mother always visits there, Her picture hangs upon the wall, Brothers, Sisters visit too, there pictures lined the hall. It would be a happy place, a place, that we'd call Home. No polluted television nor video games would ever be allowed nor any dysfunctional Fathers, to screw his wife and kids around. Yes I dream of a happy place, a place where we'd call home, then I'd hang the famous plaque,claiming it to be a Home Sweet Home.

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1 comment:

Lisa said...

I think you're right, I don't think people say "I love you's" as often as they used to, to their children. Dunno for sure of course.

It made me think about how often I say it to my sons. While I am filled with a true and pure love for them, have I told them that lately? Or have I told them enough?

This morning, I went into Ryan's room while he was just stirring awake...I automatically brushed the hair from his 16yr old face, kissed him on the cheek and said "I love you".

I think I surprised him lol, but it was obvious he enjoyed hearing it anyway. thanks for reminding us that we should continue to do this with our offspring, regardless of how old they are. I will admit that I've said it less and less as they've got older. I guess I was foolish enough to think they may not want to hear it at this age!