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Sep 28, 2009

Pirate's Cove

Carry On Tuesday.
Pirot's Cove
Writen By: Larry Moon
585 words
Two souls with but a single thought
Two hearts that beat as one.

Randy had a great day, lots of fun with Clare. He couldn't wait until Saturday at 6:30 am, as he was to see her again. She had made a comment, having not been to the beach for several weeks she had the urge to go again soon. Randy told her that he'd be glad to take her when ever she wanted to go. Clare spoke up quickly, just barely letting Randy take another breath, before she jumped in, "Really, you'd do that Randy"? With a surprised look he said "Of course, for you I'd do anything. Lets make it Saturday, but remember it's a four hour drive, we have to leave early Saturday morning".

Randy's cell phone rang bringing him out of his day dream, it was his father. "Hello Randy," his Father said. I just wanted to let you know your that mother would like to have you over for dinner tonight, what do you think"? "I'd love to". Soon Randy was opening the door and walking into his parents house. Finding his father sitting in his favorite chair Randy sat down to chat with him.
His father looked up at him asking,"Where's Clare"? "I didn't know you wanted her to come too, you never said anything about her," Randy replied. "She's been an extension of your left arm for the past four or five years. We figured you'd bring her," said his dad.

"That's funny, lately I've been thinking we're like two souls with but a single thought I love her an awful lot and I've been thinking, it's been four years, all my debts are paid in full, maybe we should get married. But I still have to ask her if she'll marry me, then we'd become like two hearts that beat as one. Randy's mom came into the family room and said, "Dinner is ready, lets eat."

The black granite floor was cool and smooth to the bottom of her feet as she walked across the bedroom to take a shower. Clare had never liked the texture of beach sand on her body. She decided to take a shower while she was at Randy's condo. After her shower she got dressed and walked down the stairs to see what Randy was doing. She saw him at the bar with two wine glasses preparing to ask Clare if she would marry him. Taking her by the hand he walked over to the leather couch that sat in front of the fireplace. Looking straight into her burning eyes he asked her if she would marry him.

Her face lit up like he'd never seen before. Shedding a few tears she looked back at him and said, "I thought you'd never ask". "That's great news, honey. I love youClare. We should go to Mom and Dad's place to tell them. They were just talking about it the other night before dinner. Are you up to it," Randy asked? Clare said, "Yes, I'd like that very much".

Randy heads to his room upstairs to take a shower and put on fresh clothing. In a hurry he takes his shower. Slipping on his 501 blue jeans he glances into the mirror. The pants were loose around the hips, but snug enough, the way he likes them. The white turtle neck looked great with the unbuttoned, blue shirt over it. Finally they were off to Randy's parents house to announce their engagement, but no date has been set as of yet.

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The Image above was not created by Larry Moon.


Jessie said...

you have a nice story going here.


Mary333 said...

As long as it's not my Randy you're good to go;) I enjoyed it.