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Oct 7, 2009

The Day America Cried

The Day America cried
Author:Larry Moon
word count 700
prose crisis in your country

The alarm clock buzzing loudly so I would get up out of bed to start my day's work cleaning up the Resevoir so the visitors to the park would have clean restrooms and garbage cans to use during the day. It usually took me about four hours to get everything finished before the visitors started coming with there boats and pic-nic lunches When I finished with everything I had to do, I'd travel to the local convinieance store just a couple of miles down the road from the resevoir. It was a regular habit for me to do. Once I arrived at the store I usually stood around for a few moments talking to Jerry the store owner.

As I walked into the store Jerry asked if I had seen the News yet this morning? I said no why what is going on ? He told me the United states is being attacked,by terrorists my responce was yeah right and when did this happen. He looked at me saying it's happening now take a look. He turned the small television he had sitting on the counter behind him so I could see the news broadcast. To my surprise it was real, I saw a jet fly into the first tower I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I felt terror,in my heart the first thing I thought of was all the people who were scrambling for their life and how could this really be happening. I immediately headed out the front door jumped into my truck and started to head back up the mountain road to the resevoir.

This time the two miles seemed to take longer to travel. Thoughts were racing through my mind, how could some body do this on purpose, to deliberatly kill for the joy of hurting or getting even. I thought of the people who were in the building and saw the jet coming their way knowing it wasn't high enough to miss the building. How terrified they must have been. I thought of their loved ones that would never see them again. Finally, I got back to the trailer and turned the news on. Another jet crashed into the second tower. The towers were starting to fall, people were screaming as they were running to get out of the way from the debre of the first falling tower.

I witnessed a person jumping from the second tower to their death down below, so frightened and filled with terror, their first reaction was to jump. I started praying for the people who were losing their lives, the children who were going to be left with out a parent or maybe even both parents. I thought of the firemen who had to enter the building to save lives if it was at all possible, and the firemen who lost their lives while simply doing their job. The news reported it wasn't just happening in New York City, there was a third plane that hit the pentagon in Washington D.C. and a fourth that had crashed due to the heroic Americans that caused the plane to crash, trying to abort the attack where ever the terrorists were headed.

The news of the attack went on for days and even months. It had a real effect on me mentally. I couldn't sleep at night. I finally made an appointment with my doctor to see if he could write me a script for a few sleeping pills. Eventually things started to fall back to normal, I started to get back into my normal sleep habits. It was a very frightening experience that I'll never forget.

Mightiest Of Powers

Heavenly Father, Mightiest Of Powers. Have you seen what Satan's done to the once standing towers? He showered them with hatred and death. That's what a coward would do. Killing fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, even their children too. The world is in mourning. Heavenly Father sent warning of Satan's miraculous doom. This we can count on, Our Heavenly Fathers words are faithful and true. Soon there after, My Heavenly Father, Mightiest Of Powers, will make all things new.

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