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Feb 19, 2010

Romance In The Air

They loved to spoon on the porch after everybody went into the house to listen to Sherlock Holmes on the radio. Fireflies swooshed by, lighting their path as they flew, crickets sounded off in the background, bullfrogs jumped from their lily pads looking for cover from the evening moonlight. All this made a romantic evening.


55 words. It's fun exciting and definitely a challenge making sure to use no more than fifty five words and no less of course and you must read the ones of your fellow writers.  Gmans Place  Let the G-Man know if you write one Why Gman's? Place because he's the Man who came up with this great Idea.

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Hootin' Anni said...

Oh boy....this may age me a great deal, but I can remember those lazy, wonderful, evenings on the porch like this...many many years ago.

TIGER TEARS is my 55 this week.

inappropriatesue said...

I think that when you are comfortable enough and really in love you show it at times through companionable silence as you sit holding each other enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Great 55!
I'm up right HERE

Unknown said...

Indeed, ROMANCE is in the air.
Oh, I am one hopeless romantic,
and I am matured enough
to be silly.
Lovely post.

Have you a great weekend.

Mine is up


Brian Miller said...

what a nostalgic 55...i remember listening to star wars on the radio...and loving every minute..that may not be as romantic though. lol.

my 55 is up.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love a good spoon? And outside, communing with nature? Ah....I'm wistful now.

I'm up here:

Friday Flash 55 ~ Know

Enchanted Oak said...

Fireflies and bullfrogs, crickets and porches. Lovely scene.

Jessie said...

romance in the night air with nature...a warm thought

have a great weekend,

Buzzard said...

Romance is good for the heart, mind, body and soul.

Thanks for visiting mine Larry! The Loft

Monkey Man said...

Nostalgic, romantic and all in 55. Nicely done, Larry. My 55 is HERE . Come see what's up.

Charlene Amsden said...

My love and I like to just sit side-by-side reading, or sometimes we're both on our laptops. From time-to-time one of us will reach over and touch the other. It is a simple, "I love you" gesture, and to me it is more precious and romantic then public declaratons of undying love.

Lovely 55.

Janna said...

What a nice mental image.
I can almost hear the crickets and see the stars in the night sky! :)

Anonymous said...

The night air wraps a blanket of memories around me, just reading this. Beautiful.

I'm hanging out, over here.

PattiKen said...

I love the nostalgia in your post. It was a simpler time. Thanks!

G-Man said...

Fantastic picture you just painted for us all.
Excellent 55 Brother.
I still listen to old time...
Channel 164 on XM/Sirius.
Thanks for playing and visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Mona said...

yea...those were the days...

Unknown said...

I miss those nights, out on the front porch, watching the fireflies and listening to the crickets and tree frogs chirping away. A lovely picture was painted for us by you! Oh, and thanks for the hearty welcome to Flash 55.

Mike said...

I wish that I was in that setting at this moment! Great imagery!

Maude Lynn said...

This is so descriptive! Wonderful 55!

hope said...

Yea! You just brought back one of the best parts of my childhood!

My grandmother in NC lived on a pond. Of course the first time city slicker little girl me heard bull frogs singing at night, I thought we were being invaded by monsters. :)

My granddaddy in NC helped all of his grandchildren chase fireflies one night: putting them in a jar for a natural flashlight. At the end of the night he made us let them go; reminding us we wouldn't want to be shut up in one room all out lives. It was magical. 3 months later, he was gone. To this day when I see fireflies, I think of him.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You painted a pretty scene...sounds like a perfect one.

Offlate i have not been able to make it to 55, hope to get back on track.Hope you and Claire are doing well.