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Feb 17, 2010

The Robbery

Three Word Wednesday

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Todays Three Words are
Ragged Occur Tidy

     It hppened about six am just as the store was opening.  The store clerk had no idea of what was about to occur.  The robber walked into the store and picked out a magazine to read until the rest of the patrons were gone.   As the last one walked through the double doors the robber walked over to the counter and asked for a pack of Marlboro's, when the store clerk turned around with the cigarettes in hand the robber took them and said, "while your at it fill up the bag with all the money you have in the drawer and give it to me."

     The police finally arrived at the store and asked for a description of the robber.  The clerk began describing him as a "white man wearing a ragged old army jacket, blue jeans, and black and white Nike's.  After things settled down and the police were gone to investigate.  The store clerk began to tidy up the place so they could reopen the store and start business all over again as if nothing ever happened.

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ThomG said...

It's unfortunate that this actually happens. And I am not sure you can blame society or not (at least society in America). I've lived in other countries and this sort of thing rarely happens. Maybe we've still holding onto a Wild West mentality in the U.S.

But thought-provoking this is.

Stan Ski said...

I think it happens everywhere, but most shops or stores are well protected by video surveillance and security.
In UK for instance a lot of people don't sleep at night for fear of being robbed in their homes.

Dee Martin said...

I live in a very small town and it even happens here. I expect it may happen more often with recent economic changes.

Crystal Phares said...

It happens everywhere, and life has to move on, just like it never happened at all. It's sad, really.

Tim Remp said...

Moving on and not dwelling on the bad in the world is the only way to cope. After a deadly car crash, the road is sprayed on and people just keep traveling never thinking about the dead stained into the pavement. We... move on.


bunnygirl said...

At some stores, I think it's just an accepted part of doing business. If all that gets taken is a pack of cigs and some money, and not a life, they shrug it off because they must.

Still, one wonders how we came to feel like this is simply a cost of doing business.

Lilibeth said...

You've captured an event that's becoming all too common. I'm going to go lock all my doors. Not that I have the jitters or anything...but well...

Tumblewords: said...

Robbery is becoming more common. How sad it is. Timely post!

pegjet said...

This story reminds me that the worst intentions are often disguised by quiet nonchalance. Suspect everyone of evil, and when it doesn't occur, you can be plesantly surprised.

Jay Thurston said...

The challenge of the clerk moving on with day-to-day business after something so rattling occurs is something you only touch upon at the end but it definitely leaves the reader walking away in that contemplation. Thanks for sharing!