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Nov 8, 2006

Monster Chinook

sitting out on the balcony at the apartment complex where I live, Newt a neighbor of mine came driving into the parking lot parked his truck and came up to the balcony to chat about his day of fishing, or to re-live his experience catching this monster Chinook Salmon he had in his arms. I've always loved to listen too Newt, when he has a story to tell so here it goes Just as he told it.

I think it was five am or there abouts when I finally pulled up to the entrance of the "Rod and Gun Club" here in Roseburg, a couple of miles from where I live. The water wasn't to low for the Salmon as of yet they were still swimming, flipping in and out of the water as they do. I was really set on going today something told me it was a good fishing day. There were a few really dark clouds in the sky this morning at daybreak but it didn't matter it could be coming down by the buckets it wasn't stopping me from fishing.

I stopped at the local store to buy a little bit of herring I heard the salmon were hitting it hard and heavy in the early morning. I fished for probably an hour when suddenly my pole tip went for a dive like some one had the end of it pulling really hard to make it bend like it was. The reel sounded as if just a little more pressure the spool would melt from friction. Spinning and whining with a hiss the pole releases, but just a little, finally I hear a splattering clash of water boiling up from the bottom of the river a Chinook salmon, larger, than large, jumps out of the water slashing his head from side to side, trying to free the number twelve barb-less hook I had set deep into his jaw.

Back into the water as he runs another hundred and fifty foot of line from the spool of my reel. Thankfully I had this area picked out several weeks ago, for the reasons of the wide open area no trees to get tangled up in and only members of the "Rod and Gun Club" could fish here meaning there would only be a couple of us out here on shore. The others would be in their boats, The King Chinook was losing his power I could feel he was tired there wasn't the fierce pull of the line against my rod any longer he's still trying to run again but he just doesn't have it in him, taking line as he runs down stream spinning around and coming back upstream for the last forty five minutes tuckered this Monster Chinook out. Finally as I lay him on the shore I find that I had an audience. The man walked up to me and asked a few questions

  • "How long did you have him on line?"
  • "what kind of bait did you use?"
  • "do You fish here often?" "you know the kind of questions nosey people ask"
We chatted there for maybe another ten minutes as he started to leave "I asked him if he could snap a picture for me?".

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shmamber said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time...

I have only been fishing just once and me and Brian froze our butts off... I want to go again... I know we will.

Glad to see your back...take care

Casie Maeve said...

I have only gone fishing once, when I was, like, 5. All I remember is watching a worm fall on the boat floor,and no one picked it up, so it ended up dying.....

I wouldn't mind going again, since I don't remember that much about it. Good times, good times.

Hope you keep writin'.