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Nov 15, 2006

Loves Of My Life

Carry On Tuesday
is brought to you by
Keiths Ramblings

We are each the love of someone’s life

I wrote the following poem for the
loves of my life:


                                                     I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for the times we never spent. I'm sorry for the places we never went. I'm sorry for the pictures we've never taken. I'm sorry for the love that has been forsaken. I'm sorry for the father never revealed, his place to be suddenly filled. I'm sorry for no albums of the high school prom. Or the football games my son had won. I'm sorry for the life we've never had. How I wish I could have been there for that.

Author: Larry Moon



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Casie Maeve said...

This post brings up a lot of feelings right now. I know I can't exactly relate to it, but I can a little bit.

I remember in that wonderful 2 and a half months that me and Tyler were going out. For that time, I felt like I had finally found my purpose in life. It felt like, for once, someone was on my side.

And when that all came crashing down, I sincerly thought that I was going to die. I'm still going through a heavy depression, and I have to take pills now. But I'm still doing better than what I used to be like, that is for sure.

In the midst of the happiest feeling I had ever experienced, love, I felt the most painful, which was complete heart break. I didn't think I would ever lose my will for living, but I did. I felt like I had completely lost my entire reason for being on this Earth.

I know that I'm just repeating what I have been saying this past month. I just want you to know that I can slightly what you went/ are going through.

Keep awriting'.


Lisa said...

But from what you've told us, you basically didn't do anything wrong. Why do you feel so guilty and that you need to apologise for the breakdown of your marriage. Life certainly gets in the way of our worlds, but that doesn't mean we lose sight of our principles.

I don't want to be bashing her, but hey, she had a LOT more to do with the breakup of your marriage, than you did. And it grates on me no end, that the person that does 'the deed' tends to get so angry, like it's YOUR fault because you caught them out. Pfft.

I've been very fortunate to never have been cheated on...I have no idea how I'd react and how long it would take to repair the emotional damage should it ever happen.

I wish you all the best in healing that part of your life..who knows? That special person might be coming up sometime soon huh? (Don't beat me for that, I'm trying to be the eternal optimist here lol)

shmamber said...

I posted a comment on this one a while back... guess it got lost somewhere in blogger land...

How come you haven't written lately? I hope your doing okay...

Stan Ski said...

A lot of regrets in this piece - sometimes life does that to us.

sg beatty said...

a family ripped from the bowels and out the groin is not something that is easy to over come. If Old Grizz has read something into this that is not here, I apologize. It sounds the way I felt 40 years ago when my guts were torn asunder. wish you nothing but the best.

Janet said...

poignant and heartfelt. we can't go back and must find ways to move on in grace.

Carry On Tuesday said...

Hi - I've had to give Carry On Tuesday a new address. Hope to see you there.