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Dec 9, 2006

Lonely Road (part 2)

If you have never read (Lonely Road part 1) just click the link and you can read it before you read Lonely Road (part 2)

Lonely Road part 1

As he made his left turn into the parking lot he noticed a stretch limo sitting on the side of the building where he intended on having a drink. He walked into the tavern and noticed there were several people in the bar area never this many before Then he noticed a sign that advertised strippers and a huge flashing marquee that said girls topless topless girls Now he understood the increase in business all these sick old men hanging around to see titties flopping around while the dancer dances her tune. As he sauntered into the corner where there's a little more elbow room, he sat down and stared into the crowd he then noticing a pretty red head sitting just across the room staring at him. He smiles and winks his right eye towards her hoping, she would come sit with him.

She gets up from her seat and walks over to chat with him, She's a pretty lady about thirty some years old. She knew where she was going in life, She held her head up, she was proud of who she was . "You remember me, Cowboy she asked? You seem familiar why, You, think you know me? Ah come on now, I remember you from a couple of months ago. I helped you with some gasoline, you remember me now she asked, oh yes I remember you, I was completely out of gasoline and you called a tow truck to bring enough gas to get me to Vegas. So what have you been doing since I've seen you last?" asked the Red headed stranger, if you remember right I was on my way to Vegas looking for work, I was in town for just a couple of weeks before I found, the job I'm working on now.

I'm laying brick for sandstone construction we're working on the new High school, just north of town. We have another year and we'll be done with the high School, then we have an elementary school to build. I was lucky to find this job when I did It's never been hard for me to find work, I've always been lucky in that way. He sighed a little bit and looking at her he said you know you haven't told me your name you think you'll ever do that "winking" at her She glanced back at him smiled n says my name is Rita. So am I suppose to know your name with out you telling me she asked ? He said I'm sure you've seen it the tattoo on my arm is my name. He held his arm up she looked and read the spelling Jessie-Born To Ride the tattoo was of a pan head Harley Davidson it was clear to her he loved his harley and that he loved to ride.

When I finally get my pan head running I'd like to see you on the back of it with me and we'll go camping sound like an idea ? she reached over patted his hand asking if he had dinner yet she then ordered two chicken fried steaks and moved over next to him in the booth. The longer she sat and talked to Jessie the more she liked his ways she felt she could trust him but wasn't in any way ready to let him get much closer it was going to take some time before she would be ready to get involved with a crazed alcoholic like she was married to ten years ago. She had come along ways since then becoming an owner of a small but flourishing casino and a small but money making Motel located in the center of Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

Good story Larry. could just picture you there at that bar, with that red headed lady...(WINK)anyways was a enjoyable read...OregonWolf

shmamber said...

I too enjoyed the story and tried commenting a few times the other day... Hope your doing well. I am glad to see you posting more regularly... ;)

This Blog Of Mine said...

I'm always here Shmamber, when I think of a story I usually write about it, but, there are times that I become very depressed and don't write. However I am trying to keep writing depressed, or not, and at times, it's when I write the most interesting stories. God Bless you and Have a Happy New Year .