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Jan 23, 2007

Quit Smoking

It's one of the hardest dam things I have ever done in my life. Unfortunately I have smoked for several years and have smoked long enough to now have developed severe lung damage. Friday morning I woke up to coughing and hacking I took the inhaler and shook it really hard to mix the contents so I could get a breath of liquid air. It didn't work I tried another couple of blasts with the inhaler and still nothing. Finally about eight minutes later the ambulance was pulling into the driveway to pick me up and rush me to the hospital.

When pulling into the driveway of the hospital there was a doctor and a couple of nurses waiting for my arrival. I new I would make it without dying but the way I was feeling it felt I wasn't far from dying that morning. Ive never seen a doctor get so pissed at me, as he was after I started feeling better. He came into the hospital room and told me that we were going to have an xray taken of my lungs. He wheeled me to a room filled with expired lungs from people who have died or from a surgery where they have removed the damaged lungs of other patients.

He proceeded to show me the examples they had set aside for disposal. He told me Mr, Moon your lungs are trying to stop working meaning that you will soon be on Oxygen everyday for the rest of your life if you don't quit smoking today like right now. You will die gasping for air actually drowning from the mucus that forms from damaged lungs. I see people die everyday from this disease Mr. Moon. According to our records we have been telling you to quit smoking for four years now. I can't help you if you don't help yourself by quiting.

He gave me a prescription to help me with withdraws from tobacco and several patches to ware and help with the withdraws also. He them told me that it was completely up to me to quit smoking or die. The action he took to get the point across to me was very touching. I put on a patch that very minute took my xray and stayed in the hospital over night for observation was then discharged from the hospital the next morning. I haven't smoked a cigarette since Friday.

I won't say that I haven't had the urge to smoke, because I have but, the doctor actually blessed me, when he showed me, the examples that he showed me. My breathing is so much better now. I don't need Oxygen to breathe I personally thanked the doctor and promised him I was done smoking for ever. I will continue to stay free from tobacco but again it's the hardest dam thing I have ever done....

Wish Me Luck Folks.
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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, how very frightening for you! I'd wondered where you'd got to. Well I mean, I did see you comment over at my place, but you hadn't written anything here since Thursday.

Best of luck to you mate, I realise it's going to be a long difficult haul, but it's obviously a necessary one. I'm so glad your doctor took the 'tough love' approach, I can understand why you would be grateful to him. Just keep visualising that room he took you in to, it sounds like it's going to help alot.

And congratulations! When you wake up, you're going to find you've just clocked up your one week anniversary! Good stuff hun, keep it up :)

a links blog said...

Your blog has been added, thanks for participating.