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Jan 18, 2007

Prom Of 68 Part 1

The door was faded and needed painting but then again the whole house could use some new paint it was the first thing I noticed as I knocked on the door. Slowly the door creaks open as a tiny lady steps aside the door and says yes, can I help you? I said hello and explained to her that I was Sandra's date for the prom at The High School tonight. She said "Sandra is expecting you" "come in" She turned and walked in to the family room and called out to Sandra,"Missy your company has arrived".

Soon I heard a door open along with some tiny little foot steps on the wooden plank floor coming, towards me. Looking down as she entered the stairway she smiles and said hello.

The prom wasn't until eight o clock but I wanted to have enough time to take her to dinner and also have our pictures taken before the dance at the high school. "Wow I've been waiting for this all day" "mumbles Sandra" as he guides her out of the house and on his way to the car parked in the driveway. Grandma's looking out the window taking a look at the watch that lay atop of her wrist, you be home before midnight Missy, She said As Sandra bends down to sit in the car. Jarred walks around to the drivers side and waved goodbye. Soon the Rag top 63 Chevy Impala fades out of sight.

Finally walking out of the photography studio Jarred, noticed the time was getting late it was time to head for the school for the dance. Cars were lined along Galaxy Avenue, cruising to there assigned locations in three separate parking lots. Jarred, parked the Impala then the both of them hold hands while they walked to the auditorium. They could hear the Band warming up--the music excited Sandra, moving closer to Jarred hanging onto his arm as she has for the last three school years.

Finally the lights fell dim and the music started playing Jarred took Sandra by the hand and walked her out on to the dance floor and started dancing. As she moved swiftly around the dance floor she noticed a lot of her friends were there watching her dance and others were dancing too Mr. Fry, Jarred's eighth period Teacher was there along with his wife.

Elizabeth yelled at Sandra across the room. "Hey Missy who's that handsome man you have with you?"
as she's walking up to Sandra She asked if she could cut in? "Sandra said yes but just this once".

With that Jarred proceeded to take Elizabeth by the hands leading into the
jitterbug a fairly new dance introduced to Jarred.

Sandra was a master at the Jitterbug and a dance Jarred had wanted to learn once he seen Sandra dancing to it two years ago.

Finally the announcement of the last dance for the prom year of 1968 was announced

Jarred took Sandra and danced with her once again kissing her at the end of the dance telling her it's been three years in a row we've done this and I want it to happen one more school year.

Then we will be out of school but together from then on.

So what about having that Dinner I promised you.

stopping as they exit the auditorium to chat with a few friends and then going to Toppers a Great Steak House in Southern California.

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Lisa said...

What a sweet story. I've read the last two posts as well. Tried to comment in here earlier but it wouldn't let me, pfft.

Love the reference to Moon Parade, very cute. You mix your true life stories in with your fiction ones don't you? I know this is an unusual question to ask after reading you all this time, just sometimes I struggle to know for sure what's real and what's not (oh except the wolf one of course lol)

Have a good day :)

Casie Maeve said...

Nothing like hormonal teenagers. Then again, I'm one myself, so I can't really say anything about. I wanted to remind you how much fun this blog is to read. I always forget to visit it as much as I'd like. Be back soon.


Tracy said...

Nice story.

Zebra said...

Reminds me of the good ol' days... not as old as 1968 but almost! Despite what some may say, it was great being a teenager!