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Sep 11, 2009

No Turning Back

Johnson began his trip early in the morning, in a hurry, wanting to see family and friends he hadn't seen for quite along time. Old memories stirred in his midsection and his head flashed from scene to scene of past memories of things he had done with a few of his gangster friends. He and Leo have always been together, nothing comes between the two of them, on this trip one sleeps one drives.

Johnson reaches in the back seat and pulls a cool one out of the cooler, pops the top and guzzles the cool liquid down his parched throat. Tired from driving most of the day, he pulls off the road and lets Leo take over for a while. Leo asks Johnson," How much further to Vegas"?

"Another five hours and will be there", Johnson said. As Leo takes off down the street, both of them spot a blond, just barely dressed, in the summer sun, hich-hiking . "Hey, do you see that", Johnson asks? Leo responds, "Yeah, you wanna pick her up"?

Johnson says, "No we don't need any dumb blonds with us. She can't be too smart dressing like that and hich-hicking too". As the light changed to green Leo revved the motor and waved at the pretty blond. Johnson knew if they picked the blond up Leo would get other crazy ideas to do with the her, but Johnson didn't want anything to do with that, he wasn't into abusing women.

Another fill up is due. Leo turns into the station, Johnson tells him to go inside grab a six pack and some munchies "and make it quick, if ya will please. I want to get where we're going, getting tired of driving". Johnson fires up the Tbird while Leo comes running out of the old store where he'd just beat the hell out of the owner and robbed him.

Leo jumps into the car and says"Go, Go, Go, lets get out of here". Alarmed, Johnson asks, " what the hells going on"? Leo said, "I just robbed the old man. It seemed so easy, when I walked in I had this feeling come over me to take it for what it's worth, besides, it's pretty easy being in the middle of nowhere there aren't any cops to speak of ".

Johnson takes off like a bat out of hell, burning tires and leaving rubber behind, heading back onto 395 North toward Reno. Johnson begins to think over just what had happened, having a problem with returning to the wrong side of life, running from the police. It's been too long since he's been out of it, no longer feeling the thrill or the excitement of wrong from right, besides, he liked doing the robbing where no body was hurt, especially older folk. Leo never had a conscience when it came to hurting people. Johnson looks in the rearview mirror and sees red and blue lights flashing, coming toward them. It's too late now.

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The Image above wasn't created by The Author Larry Moon


Chris Chartrand said...

Sometimes you have to cut ties with guys like that. I hope he gets off. I'm glad they didn't get their hands on the girl.

Writer, Thaumaturg, Mum said...

you are so sweet! thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts. its always so appreciated.
I am humbled by your thoughts - I am on a journey - as are you - and I believe its just practice and passion to drive it...
see you at Friday Fiction next!