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Sep 5, 2009

Love Hurts

This Blog Of Mine
Picture Fiction: Despair
500 words
All Rights Reserved-1994-2009

Geeze, I've always told her I loved her, what, maybe fifty times a day? I always thought it meant something to her but today or actually this morning, when she was finished saying what she had to say I learned that it meant nothing to her after all.

I couldn't sit there any longer. Her son came in the house and said to her that he was going to the other house in Riverside. If she wanted him to pay his brother she'd have to give him his money before he left for Riverside .

Yeah, sure what she had to say made me cry and really hurt my feelings. I waited until they left and went to the park to get some fresh air. I sat on the bench and gave what had happened an hour or so ago some really deep though. I often find myself wondering, “why'd ya get married buddy”? Just to find out somebody who claims to love you really doesn't. I've tried the married life several times now and it seems it never works. Is marriage really supposed to be that way? Are all marriages suppose to be miserable?

I really don't believe it's suppose to be that way but look at all the divorces now days and look at all the marriages that end in divorce. I really don't believe ours is really that unhappy a marriage. There are couples that have been married for several years and I do believe that there are going to be arguments, it takes years to get to where you can live with each other with out fighting everyday .

The wind began blowing briskly through the palm trees, I being in shorts, was cold. I looked across the highway, toward the beach. The sawgrass was briskly blowing about. The seagulls a few feet above my head were looking for a morsel of some sort of food as I held my hand above my head checking the direction of the wind.

I thought of her as I walked aross the highway, taking my sandles off placing them in a deep hip pocket of my shorts. As I walked farther away from the highway I caught a glimpse of her truck, probably traveling to the bank with her son to give him the money she owed his brother .

I soon found an old friend who came to the beach to surf alittle bit. He had nothing else to do we chatted for a few minutes of the old days. She told me how her brother and sister were doing. We were great friends at one time but simply lost contact with each other. I told her I had just gotten married in January of 2009 and was very happy and in love with my new wife.

The wind began blowing again. I saw it as my way out as the sawgrass was whipping back and forth across the calves of my legs and was kind of uncomfortable to handle so we both said good bye. Again I caught a glimpse of the truck coming my way down the road. Pulling over, rolling down the window she was talking before I could hear her. I opened the door. She asked me if I wanted a lift to the house. I said I'd rather just walk and clear my head, “this morning was a little tough you know”. She began rolling the window up, calling out my name she said “I do love you".

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