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Mar 4, 2010

Hypnotic Moves

 Brought To You By


The marble floor was cool beneath her feet as she walked toward the shower stripping clothes off, getting ready for the soothing shower she so needed after a hard day at work. She knew she didn't have much time before Saunter would be there to pick her up for the dance. She stepped out of the shower. Grabbing the towel she began to dry off. She noticed the silk curtains blowing from the open window she had forgotten to close when she left for work this morning.

     Soon the door bell rang alerting Sandra to Saunters arrival. Sandra, excited to see him, ran toward the door to let him in. She smiled and kissed him. He wore an orange tank top underneath an unbuttoned white linen shirt. Stepping inside, he asked "are you ready?” “I'll be ready in a minute, why don't you pour us a drink?" Saunter poured the drinks spilling a portion on the counter top. He handed Sandra a drink and started to wipe up the brandy. Sandra, grabbing him by the arm, said “lets head out for the dance hall, were running late.” He took her hand and headed for the front door, wondering why she asked for the drink. They followed the pebble walkway to the car.

     He could smell her perfume in the air as he reached to open her door. He pulled her close to him kissing her, smelling her perfume. He inhaled deeply and said, “you smell so good, what is the name of your perfume?” He kissed her as she sat down. She whispered in his ear, “ it's “Hypnotic Moves,” you like it?” I created it with all it's ingrediants  He smiled and said, "Everyone is born with some special talent".

     Saunter started the car and headed out the winding drive way. The exposed skin on his neck glistened in the late afternoon sun. Sandra has a major crush, she finds him irresistible. She checked him out as he stepped out of the car to open the door for her. His leather pants rode his hips and pelvis in a snug fit the way she liked them. There was no other place she'd rather be than with him.

     The music was belching from the ball room, the drums were loud and thumping the way he liked it, the way she liked it too. Even though it seemed they'd always known each other she was still swept away with the romance between them. It had always been spontaneous and strong. They had the right connection to make it together and to stay together. Saunter was always responsive to her desires as was she to his. Saunter handed Sandra another drink. He looked at her and she winked. He knew what that wink meant, it was enough to put a wry, wicked grin on his lips. Her cheeks were flushed, eyes glistening as they gazed at him.

     She rested her arm on his shoulder, her cheek against his cheek, for the pure pleasure of skin on skin. His hips directed their sultry dance. His hands held her close. She surrendered to his lead, body pressed urgently against him. Her hand traced up his spine to his cheek. Her fingers stroked his face. His hand rode down her spine to cover the curve of her ass. The curve that only he could touch.


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Peggy said...

Good Larry,very good!
my only wuestion is when are you going to write more?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Saunter is such a cool name! Enjoyed your writing very much. Thank you.

Stan Ski said...

Saunter's a smooth operator.

Rob said...

Very cool! I enjoyed this, well done...

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